Cambridge Massage Therapy - Stephanie Zimmerman, LMT

"I recently moved to Cambridge from a North Shore community where I had a very skilled massage therapist. I was tempted to continue with her despite the commuting distance, but quickly realized the futility of that idea. An internet search brought me to Cambridge Massage Therapy and the phenomenal massage treatments of Stephanie Zimmerman, L.M.T. There is no doubt as to why she is on the Boston A-List for massage therapists. She is skilled and professional. The stresses of moving and retiring left me some painful hamstring problems, all of which were greatly mitigated by her treatment. "
-The Rev'd Richard Simeone, Cambridge

"Stephanie is quite simply the best. After years of chronic back and neck pain due to intense sports, old injuries, and a car accident, I'd pretty much given up hope that massage therapy, even coupled with physical therapy, could be effective. And then I met Steph. She is wonderful at figuring out just what every patient needs on a given day, and tailoring a session to meet these needs. Not only is she great professionally, she's a fantastic person as well. When you go to see Steph you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and as if you've just had a visit with a friend. Not only is she unparalleled in Boston, but I have yet to find anyone nearly as good in New York City either, and doubt that I will."
-Rachel Epstein, New York City

"For Years I have had sore shoulders and back due to heavy travel, golf and exercise. I travel all over the world for business and have used the services of many spas (Boston Body Works, Newbury Day Spa, Spas in NY, London and Hong Kong) and have never found another massage therapist as good as Stephanie. I always look forward to being back so I can get a massage from her."
-Michael Lu, Chairman, CEO BioDefense Corp. Lexington, MA

"After four and a half years in Boston, I've finally found a massage therapist to keep going back to. Ive had a lot of massage in my life (my sister is a therapist) and Stephanie is truly one of the best. I do a lot of exercise and like deep tissue massage. Stephanie really gets at the tight areas, works them out, all the while keeping the massage relaxing and completely rejuvenating. I can't recommend her highly enough - she's exceptional and a true professional!"
-Jennifer Thompson, Cambridge, MA

"I always look forward to my appointment with Stephanie . I walk in tired and not myself. I walk out refreshed and relaxed. An hour vacation from everything."
-Gene O'donnell, Brighton, MA

“Stephanie is quite simply the best Massage Therapist in Boston and I’ve been to plenty. Her expertise is only outdone by her professionalism and friendly demeanor. Every time I’m back east I make sure to schedule an appointment and it’s usually the highlight of my trip. She has my highest recommendation!”
-Matt, Los Angeles, CA